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Morrow Consulting has designed and developed a number of complex data collection, data analysis, and data processing systems.  The majority of our applications are web-based system programmed in Microsoft ASP.Net C# connected to SQL Server relational databases.  We adhere to user-centered design principles when we approach any project.  We feel that this approach results in products that are user-friendly, efficient, and satisfy the users' needs.  We also follow agile programming principles whenever possible.  This allows us to be flexible while keeping the project on schedule.

We believe that customization is the key to happy customers.  We work with our clients to provide the level of customization that best suits their needs.  We provide guidance as to what we believe is the best solution, but in the end we do not try to force our customers into anything they are not comfortable with.  We also believe that interaction between Morrow Consulting and its clients should be open and transparent.  We do not try to provide solutions that lock the client into working with us when they have the expertise to do the work themselves.  Instead we try to empower our clients to take more of an ownership stake in any product that we provide.

Tracker Logo - Links to Tracker Information Website The Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Ticket to Work and Reimbursement Tracker (Tracker for short) is a system designed to reduce the time it takes a State Voc. Rehab. agency to process and track Traditional Reimbursements and Ticket-to-Work payments.  The system connects to the Voc. Rehab. agency's case management system, Unemployment Insurance Wage records (when available), and SVES Social Security data (when available).  By combining these source of information, not only does the system greatly reduce the time it takes to pick out potential claims, it also increases the number of claims the VR agency can submit.  In every state using the Tracker system, time processing payments has been significantly reduced and revenue increased.  For more information about this system click the following link, Information on the Tracker.

MIG-RATS Website Logo - Links to MIG-RATS Website The Medicaid Infrastructure Grant Research Assistance to States (MIG-RATS) website provides resources and support to the ongoing research activities of the Medicaid Infrastructure Grants (MIGs).  The website was designed to help users find research reports and resources, learn about current MIG-RATS activities and initiatives, and connect with fellow MIG reseachers.  The site organizes information specific to a state or topic, provides useful toolkits and resources, has a calendar of events, and displays a list of contacts for other MIG states.  You can visit the MIG-RATS website by clicking on the following link, MIG-RATS.

Thumbnail Screenshot of the CT Money Follows the Person Case Management System Connecticut's Money Follows the Person project is part of the federal Money Follows the Person Rebalancing Demonstration Grant program. This program is intended to help remove barriers so states can provide more home-and community-based long-term care services instead of institutional care.  Morrow Consulting was contracted by the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC) to develop a case management system that could be used by central office staff to administer the program and by the transition coordinators to manage their interactions with the project consumers.  Major development on the site has been completed and there are currently over 130 users accessing the site throughout the State of Connecticut.  Over the course of the project, nearly 2000 consumers have been entered into and tracked using the system.  The system is comprised of 100+ database tables, 300+ stored procedures, and 40+ screens.  It has greatly improved the interaction between the various groups involved in the MFP project, has significantly reduced redundant data collection between these groups, and has organized and simplified many of the cumbersome tasks involved in moving consumers through the project.  The system also generates reports used to complete a majority of the project's reporting requirements.

Connect-Ability CRP Search Logo - Links to CT CRP Search Website Morrow Consulting was contracted by the State of Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services to develop the Connect-Ability CRP Search website.  The site assists youth and young adults with disabilities and those who help them find independent living and workforce supports and services.  It allows CT youth to search for work and for support services using age, disability, service needed, geographic location or funding agency.  Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRPs) can log into the site to update their agency's records in the site's indexed database.  Currently over 300 CRPs are included in this database.  You can visit the Connect-Ability CRP Search website by clicking on the following link, Connect-Ability CRP Search.

Connecticut Tech Act Data Collection Site Screenshot The State of Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services contracted with Morrow Consulting to create the Connecticut Tech Act Data Collection website.  The site is used to track participants and events for the CT Tech Act Project.   The site is accessed by users throughout the State of Connecticut. The site also generates reports to satisfy the project's yearly reporting requirements.

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