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Morrow Consulting, LLC is owned by Feliciano “J” Morrow.  Mr. Morrow has a Master’s degree in Human Factors Psychology and specializes in user-centered design and analysis of complex systems.  He has designed custom web and database applications for multiple state and federal government agencies.  His programming and relational database experience spans the range from a fully distributed knowledge management system developed in ASP.Net to custom databases created in Microsoft Access.  His background includes degrees in both mathematics and psychology, and he is proficient in multiple programming environments including ASP.Net, C#, C++, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML, and JavaScript.

Timothy Keane is Morrow Consulting's lead application developer.  Mr. Keane has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems and has a long and varied background in programming.  Working as a software engineer in Microsoft's Language Division from 1985 to 1993, he was centrally involved in the ongoing development of Microsoft's line of BASIC compiler and interpreter products, with a special emphasis on runtime memory management and enhanced memory models written in assembly language.  Mr. Keane also presented technical lectures on the products he worked on at developers conferences.  After leaving Microsoft his programming efforts turned to web site development, while he simultaneously owned and operated a machine shop specializing in catering to the unique needs of motorcycle road racers.  He is proficient in programming in a wide range of languages from low level assembly language and C code, to scripting languages such as Perl and PHP, to high level object oriented environments such as ASP.Net and C#.

Jim Mace James Mace is Morrow Consulting's IT manager and application developer.  As a young man, Mr. Mace was involved in a near fatal rock climbing accident that has left him paralyzed from the neck down with minimal use of his arms and hands.  He has been able to accomplish his professional goals using voice recognition technology.  Jim earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems with advanced degrees in Web Application Development and Information Technology.  He has spent the last eight years creating complex web applications for both the public and private sector, specializing in dynamic database driven applications using relational databases and other data sources.  His vast knowledge in existing and emerging technologies has helped him create and manage applications that predict the spread of wild land fire, as well as managing and enhancing existing applications that predict the cost of these fires.  Jim is proficient in many programming languages such as C#, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, JavaScript, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, T-SQL, ANSI-SQL and multiple scripting languages.  He is proficient in a number of IT technologies including, SQL Server, Internet Information Systems, Active Directory, multiple server operating systems including Windows Server and numerous virtualization technologies.  Mr. Mace's unique perspective has been a valuable resource in helping to produce applications that are usable for individuals with disabilities.

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