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Morrow Consulting, LLC is a software consulting company providing stand-alone and web-based data entry and data processing systems for private businesses and government agencies.  Morrow Consulting was formed in 2002 and became Morrow Consulting, LLC in 2006.  The company has added employees in each of the last two years and has steadily increased its revenue since its formation.

At Morrow Consulting we use a combination of user-centered design (UCD) principles and agile programming to provide customers with quality, usable products.  UCD is a design philosophy that focuses on how users sense, predict, and process information so as to create products that fit the users' needs instead of forcing the users to change to accommodate the products.  We incorporate UCD principles throughout the development cycle in order to produce systems that are efficient, satisfying, and provide a user-friendly experience for our customers.

An agile programming approach places the focus on individuals and interactions over processes and tools, and working closely with the customer to produce software that can be reviewed and changed without major impacts to the schedule.  In keeping with agile programming principles, we take a broad but practical approach to developing and implementing requirements.  This approach allows us to be much more responsive to the customer's needs as ideas develop and change.

While the Morrow Consulting team is small, each member is highly skilled and hard working.  This tightly knit team has taken on and successfully completed a number of challenging projects.  At Morrow Consulting, we are never satisfied with "good enough" and strive to constantly improve our products.  This has resulted in overwhelmingly positive responses from our clients.

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